Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings

First of all I would really like to apologize to the FantasyProjection supporters for not getting out the rankings week 1. There are no excuses that will make that up to you I completely understand, but I can try to make it up by providing the most accurate advice in week 2 and on! Just like Brady will never let you down again I plan on never ever letting you down again.

Now that that’s over let get into the week 2 rankings. There was a lot of disappointment in week 1 and I’m kind of happy i didn’t publish anything because A) it would have been wrong B) the FantasyProjection name would have been tarnished and most importantly C) you would have wasted precious time and that is not my goal. I promise the following article is NOT a waste of time and it will actually win you this week (AGGRESSIVE promise). All of the following rankings are based on .5 PPR leagues and are artfully designed and crafted to win all fantasy championships. Let’s cheers to a new season (Thank god football is back)…

  1. Tom Brady, NE QB at NO
  2. Drew Brees, NO QB vs. NE
  3. Aaron Rodgers, GB QB at ATL
  4. Russell Wilson, SEA QB vs. SF
  5. Derek Carr, OAK QB v. NYJ
  6. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT QB vs. MIN
  7. Matt Ryan, ATL QB vs. GB
  8. Jameis Winston, TB QB vs. CHI
  9. Philip Rivers, LAC QB vs. MIA
  10. Carson Palmer, ARI QB at IND
  11. Cam Newton, CAR QB vs. BUF
  12. Alex Smith, KC QB vs. PHI
  13. Marcus Mariota, TEN QB at JAC
  14. Carson Wentz, PHI QB at KC
  15. Joe Flacco, BAL QB vs. CLE

The all-mighty Tom Brady, the GOAT himself looked out of sync and ineffective in week 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs. He threw for 267 yards and 0… yes 0 touchdowns. This is not the Tom Brady that all fantasy players are used to. In my opinion this was simply a fluke and a warm up game for the future hall of famer. I expect him to be able to get right vs. the miserable Saints secondary and for Gronk to come up huge with multiple spikes in the end zone. I project a 330 yard 3 TD games for Brady and co.

If you followed FantasyProjection last season and can recall the amount of success Ben Roethlisberger had at home and the amount of poundings he took away you can understand why we have him at number 6 this week. Big Ben is at home this week and the fantasy gods are shining rays of fantasy goodness over Heinz Field. The Steelers are facing a fairy intimidating foe in the Minnesota Vikings, but I anticipate the home coming game for Ben and the boys to swing heavily in the Steelers favor leading to multiple touchdowns from Ben. I project Ben will throw for 290 yards and at least 2 TDs in week 2.

Running Back
  1. Le’Veon Bell, PIT RB vs. MIN
  2. Ezekiel Elliott, DAL RB at DEN
  3. Melvin Gordon, LAC RB vs. MIA
  4. Kareem Hunt, KC RB vs. PHI
  5. LeSean McCoy, BUF RB at CAR
  6. Marshawn Lynch, OAK RB vs. NYJ
  7. Ty Montgomery, GB RB at ATL
  8. Devonta Freeman, ATL RB vs. GB
  9. Leonard Fournette, JAC RB vs. TEN
  10. DeMarco Murray, TEN RB at JAC
  11. Todd Gurley, LAR RB vs. WAS
  12. Dalvin Cook, MIN RB at PIT
  13. Jay Ajayi, MIA RB at LAC
  14. C.J. Anderson, DEN RB vs. DAL
  15. Christian McCaffrey, CAR RB vs. BUF

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Kareem! Dear lord what a performance Kareem Hunt put up in week 1. He made the Patriots defense look like a 50+ touch football team shredding them for 148 yards rushing with 1 TD and 98 yards receiving with 2 TDs. It was honestly one of the best performances I have ever seen from a RB let alone a ROOKIE RB! After that performance I’m assuming it is no surprise that FantasyProjection has him ranked within the top 5 at the position this week. I project Kareem will continue to tear up the field with 90 yards rushing and 40 yards receiving with 2 TDs.

Marshawn Lynch did NOT look as old as I thought he would … take that as a compliment. He actually looked fairly spry for an older RB who took a year off from munching skittles in the end zone. I expect him to taste PLENTY of the rainbow this weekend when he returns home to Oakland… his actual home … and will be supported by thousands of hungry Raiders fans. I project Marshawn will beast mode all over the Jets for 90 yards and 2 TDs

Wide Receivers
  1. Antonio Brown, PIT WR vs. MIN
  2. Jordy Nelson, GB WR at ATL
  3. Mike Evans, TB WR vs. CHI
  4. Brandin Cooks, NE WR at NO
  5. Julio Jones, ATL WR vs. GB
  6. Michael Thomas, NO WR vs. NE
  7. Doug Baldwin, SEA WR vs. SF
  8. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI WR at IND
  9. Michael Crabtree, OAK WR vs. NYJ
  10. Keenan Allen, LAC WR vs. MIA
  11. Odell Beckham Jr., NYG WR vs. DET
  12. Demaryius Thomas, DEN WR vs. DAL
  13. Tyreek Hill, KC WR vs. PHI
  14. Stefon Diggs, MIN WR at PIT
  15. Golden Tate, DET WR at NYG
  16. Jeremy Maclin, BAL WR vs. CLE
  17. Amari Cooper, OAK WR vs. NYJ
  18. Terrelle Pryor, WAS WR at LAR
  19. Alshon Jeffrey, PHI WR at KC
  20. Martavis Bryant, PIT WR vs. MIN
  21. Davante Adams, GB WR at ATL
  22. Jarvis Landry, MIA WR at LAC
  23. Dez Bryant, DAL WR at DEN
  24. Chris Hogan, NE WR at NO
  25. Randall Cobb, GB WR at ATL

Speaking of hearing aids… (See Marshawn above if you’re just skimming through this article…shame on you) with John Brown hurt and David Jonshon (RIP) on the sidelines I expect Larry Fitzgerald to continue producing as a WR1 in week 2. Not only is he the only option for the Cardinals, but he gets to line up against the Colts who looked like they couldn’t stop a nose bleed in week 1. I project Fitz will catch 8 passes for 90 yards and a TD.

Martavis Bryant was a huge disappointment in week 1, but lets remember Big Ben is a JV High School QB away and a hall of fame NFL QB at home which is where the Steelers find themselves this week.  Let’s also remember that this is another boom or bust WR who missed a FULL year of football and is now trying to get back on the same page with Big Ben. I expect the connection to be back between Ben and Marty in week 2 and for there to be plenty of end zone celebrations this Sunday. I project 5 catches for 60 yards and a score in week 2.

Tight Ends
  1. Rob Gronkowski, NE TE at NO
  2. Greg Olsen, CAR TE vs. BUF
  3. Travis Kelce, KC TE vs. PHI
  4. Jimmy Graham, SEA TE vs. SF
  5. Jordan Reed, WAS TE at LAR
  6. Zach Ertz, PHI TE at KC
  7. Delanie Walker, TEN TE at JAC
  8. Martellus Bennett, GB TE at ATL
  9. Kyle Rudolf, MIN TE at PIT
  10. Coby Fleener, NO TE vs. NE
  11. Charles Clay, BUF TE at CAR
  12. Zach Miller, CHI TE at TB

Gronk… enough said… but I’ll continue. Was he a huge disappointment in week 1? … sure. Was everyone with maybe the exception of Gilly and a now injured Amendola (that lasted a while… sarcasm) a let down for the Patriots offense?… absolutely. I will re-iterate again the week 1 game for the Pats was a fluke and I expect Brady will feed Gronk this week to get right. Gronk will spike the ball 2 times this week end while gaining 75 yards on 7 catches.

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