Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings 2020

Welcome to week 9 of the fantasy football season! You can utilize all of the positional rankings below as a start sit tool and find replacements for any of your injured star players. These week 9 fantasy football rankings were made using a .5 PPR scoring setting and will be sure to help you make the right decision. Have fun and good luck!


RankNameProjected Points
1Patrick Mahomes KC vs. CAR 26.4 
2Russell Wilson SEA at BUF 22.5 
3Deshaun Watson HOU at JAX 22.0 
4Josh Allen BUF vs. SEA 21.8 
5Aaron Rodgers GB at SF 21.5 
6Kyler Murray ARI vs. MIA 20.4 
7Justin Herbert LAC vs. LVR 19.8 
8Lamar Jackson BAL at IND 19.5 
9Ben Roethlisberger PIT at DAL 18.9 
10Tom Brady TB vs. NO 18.5 
11Matthew Stafford DET at MIN 18.4 
12Ryan Tannehill TEN vs. CHI 17.9 
13Matt Ryan ATL vs. DEN 17.1 
14Cam Newton NE at NYJ 16.8 
15Derek Carr LVR at LAC 16.2 
16Teddy Bridgewater CAR at KC 16.2 
17Drew Brees NO at TB 16.0 
18Kirk Cousins MIN vs. DET 15.8 
19Drew Lock DEN at ATL 14.9 
20Nick Mullens SF vs. GB 14.6 

Russell Wilson

Just another typical 25+ point week fro star QB Russell Wilson in week 8 against the San Francisco 49ers. Wilson threw for 261 yards and 4 TDs while adding another 23 yards on the ground against what was statistically a challenging matchup. Wilson will face the Buffalo Bills in week 9 who are in the middle of the pack against opposing QBs allowing 19 fantasy points per game so far this season. Wilson should need to continue to throw often against a Bills offense that has proven they can keep up with high flying offenses like the Seahawks. You can expect another typically massive week for Wilson in week 9. Fantasy Projection: 270 yards 2.6 TDs passing 20 yards 0.1 TDs rushing

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers had a good not great output in week 8 for fantasy purposes when he took on the Minnesotat Vikings. Rodgers threw for 291 yards and 3 TDs which is a great week for most QBs, but us greedy fantasy managers have come to expect even more from Rodgers. This was still a very impressive performance from a QB dealing with the windy conditions in Green Bay. Rodgers will move to week 9 where he will match up against the San Francisco 49ers who are allowing the 11th least points to the opposing QBs. Just like we saw with Russell Wilson this week against the 49ers, I am not nervous about this matchup for Rodgers. I expect a QB1 performance again out of Rodgers. Fantasy Projection: 315 yards 2 TDs passing

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Running Backs

RankNameProjected Points
1Dalvin Cook MIN vs. DET 21.0 
2Christian McCaffrey CAR at KC 20.8 
3Alvin Kamara NO at TB 18.8 
4Derrick Henry TEN vs. CHI 16.6 
5James Conner PIT at DAL 15.8 
6James Robinson JAX vs. HOU 15.5 
7Chase Edmonds ARI vs. MIA 15.1 
8Josh Jacobs LVR at LAC 15.1 
9Aaron Jones GB at SF 14.8 
10David Johnson HOU at JAX 14.7 
11Ezekiel Elliott DAL vs. PIT 14.2 
12Antonio Gibson WAS vs. NYG 14.2 
13Todd Gurley II ATL vs. DEN 14.0 
14Chris Carson SEA at BUF 13.9 
15Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC vs. CAR 13.7 
16David Montgomery CHI at TEN 13.3 
17JaMycal Hasty SF vs. GB 13.2 
18D’Andre Swift DET at MIN 13.1 
19J.K. Dobbins BAL at IND 13.0 
20Melvin Gordon DEN at ATL 12.9 

Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook was an absolutel touchdown MONSTER in week 8 when he rushed for 163 yards and 3 TDs while adding 2 receptions for 63 yards and another TD against the Packers. Cook could not be stopped in the running game and even got thoroughly involved in the passing game. Cook will face the Detroit Lions in week 9 so he will only be going from the worst run defense against opposing running backs to the second worst…I really hope you either own Cook or are at least not facing him… this could get ugly. Expect Cook to be the top option at the position in week 9. Fantasy Projection: 100 yards 1 TD rushing 4 receptions 37 yards yards receiving

JaMycal Hasty

Undrafted rookie JaMycal Hasty is one of the last RBs standing at the position for the San Francisco 49ers after Mostert. Wilson, and Coleman all suffered injuries. We already saw that in week 8 Hasty was the favorite for touches compared to the other remaining RB on th roster Jerrick Mckinnon out-touching him 13 to 7. Hasty rushed for 29 yards and 1 TD while adding 1 reception for 2 yards. Hasty will face the Packers in week 9 who are allowing the MOST fantasy points to opposing RBs and who we just saw get torched for 4 TDs in one game by Dalvin Cook. THis is the best matchup for Hasty and is the main reason he makes it into the RB rankings for week 9. Fantasy Projection: 62 yards 0.4 TDs rushing 3 receptions 26 yards 0.1 TDs

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Wide Receivers

RankNameProjected Points
1Davante Adams GB at SF17.8
2DeAndre Hopkins ARI vs. MIA17.5
3Julio Jones ATL vs. DEN16.8
4Tyreek Hill KC vs. CAR16.6
5Stefon Diggs BUF vs. SEA16.3
6DK Metcalf SEA at BUF15.8
7Keenan Allen LAC vs. LVR15.7
8Terry McLaurin WAS vs. NYG15.5
9Adam Thielen MIN vs. DET15.3
10Tyler Lockett SEA at BUF14.9
11A.J. Brown TEN vs. CHI14.7
12Allen Robinson CHI at TEN14.7
13Will Fuller V HOU at JAX13.7
14Mike Evans TB vs. NO13.6
15Justin Jefferson MIN vs. DET12.3
16Chase Claypool PIT at DAL12.0
17JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT at DAL11.9
18Robby Anderson CAR at KC11.9
19DJ Moore CAR at KC11.9
20D.J. Chark JAX vs. HOU11.9
21Diontae Johnson PIT at DAL11.8
22Brandin Cooks HOU at JAX11.8
23Marquise Brown BAL at IND11.8
24Amari Cooper DAL vs. PIT11.7
25Brandon Aiyuk SF vs. GB11.4

DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf went crazy against the 49ers in week 8 when he had 12 receptions for 161 yards and 2 TDs. Metcalf was impressive in this game and one of the most exciting thing to see for fantasy managers was the dramatic increase to 12 receptions from his average of 4 per game. Metcalf has the insane physical talent to produce games like this nearly every week, the one thing that was missing were the opportunities (targets). Hopefully this increase in target share will stick. Metcalf will face the Bills in week 9 who allow the 6th least points to opposing receivers, but it wont matter for a stud like DK. Expect another WR1 performance from Metcalf in week 9. Fantasy Projection: 5 receptions 95 yards 0.6 TDs

Adam Thielen

Adam Thielen had a weak performance against the Green Bay Packers in week 9 when he only recorded 3 receptions for 27 yards. There are a few reasons for this decrease in production the main being the success of the running game (see Dalvin Cook above) and the windy weather in Green Bay. The passing game was not effective in the weather conditions and they didnt need to pass when Dalvin Cook could score on every touch. I think Thielen will see a bounce back week when he faces the Detroit Lions in week 9. The Lions are allowing the 13th most fantasy points to opposing WRs and I think Thielen will take advantage of this matchup at least more than he was able to this past week. Fantasy Projection: 7 receptions 74 yards 0.7 TDs

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Tight Ends

RankNameProjected Points
1Travis Kelce KC vs. CAR13.6
2Darren Waller LVR at LAC11.3
3Mark Andrews BAL at IND11.1
4T.J. Hockenson DET at MIN10.6
5Rob Gronkowski TB vs. NO10.5
6Hunter Henry LAC vs. LVR10.4
7Noah Fant DEN at ATL10.0
8Jared Cook NO at TB10.0
9Jonnu Smith TEN vs. CHI9.9
10Hayden Hurst ATL vs. DEN9.7
11Robert Tonyan GB at SF9.1
12Mike Gesicki MIA at ARI9.1

Noah Fant

Noah Fant had a solid performance in week 8 when he had 7 receptions for 47 yards against the LA Chargers. This isn’t a matchup winning week from Fant, but it is plenty to keep you happy especially when glancing at the other options at TE. Fant will face the Falcons in week 9 who are allowing the most fantasy points to opposing TEs. This will be a week where Fant can put up some big numbers that will put you a step ahead of your opponent. I expect a top 7 performance out of Fant in week 9. Fantasy Projection: 5 receptions 60 yards 0.3 TDs

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