Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings 2020

Welcome to week 11 of the fantasy football season! You can utilize all of the positional rankings below as a start sit tool and find replacements for any of your injured star players. These week 11 fantasy football rankings were made using a .5 PPR scoring setting and will be sure to help you make the right decision. Have fun and good luck!


RankNameProjected Points
1Kyler Murray ARI at SEA 25.0 
2Patrick Mahomes KC at LVR 23.5 
3Russell Wilson SEA vs. ARI 23.3 
4Justin Herbert LAC vs. NYJ 22.3 
5Lamar Jackson BAL vs. TEN 22.0 
6Ben Roethlisberger PIT at JAX 20.3 
7Deshaun Watson HOU vs. NE 20.3 
8Matt Ryan ATL at NO 19.6 
9Aaron Rodgers GB at IND 19.3 
10Tom Brady TB vs. LAR 18.2 
11Matthew Stafford DET at CAR 18.1 
12Cam Newton NE at HOU 17.9 
13Carson Wentz PHI at CLE 17.6 
14Jameis Winston NO vs. ATL 17.6 
15Teddy Bridgewater CAR vs. DET 17.3 
16Tua Tagovailoa MIA at DEN 16.8 
17Joe Burrow CIN at WAS 16.4 
18Derek Carr LVR vs. KC 15.8 
19Ryan Tannehill TEN at BAL 15.8 
20Kirk Cousins MIN vs. DAL 15.8 

Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray had easily one of the most incredible play s at the end of the game in week 10 when he threw the ball nearly half way down the field to Deandre Hopkins for a game winning TD. Murray ended the game with 245 yards 1 TD passing and 61 yards 2 TDs rushing legitimately a QB and RB game in one player. Kyler will consistently be a top option at the QB position regardless of his matchup due to his dual threat capability. Murray will face the Seahawks in week 11 who are allowing the second most points to opposing fantasy QBs. So even though it really doesn’t matter the matchup… this matchup can only make him even better. I expect a MONSTER game out of Murray in week 11. Fantasy Projection: 287 yards 1.3 TDs passing 66 yardds 0.6 TDs rushing

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert has been great for fantasy football so far this season, but had a good not great game in week 10 agaisnt the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have proven to be a pretty solid defense especially against opposing QBs and they limited Herbert to 187 yards 2 TDs passing and another 10 yards on the ground with a TD. The rushing TD in this game really saved hi fantasy day otherwise you would not have been happy with 187 yards passing and 2 TDs. Herbert should only get better in week 11 when he takes on the New York Jets who are allowing the 5th most points to opposing fantasy QBs. This game should be a blow out, but I’m assuming that Herbert will put up plenty of points against an inferior defense and hopefully even stay in the game when it is out of hand. Fantasy Projection: 347 yards 1.9 TDs passing

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Running Backs

RankNameProjected Points
1Dalvin Cook MIN vs. DAL 20.6 
2Alvin Kamara NO vs. ATL 18.8 
3Derrick Henry TEN at BAL 16.5 
4D’Andre Swift DET at CAR 16.4 
5Miles Sanders PHI at CLE 16.2 
6Josh Jacobs LVR vs. KC 16.1 
7Nick Chubb CLE vs. PHI 16.1 
8James Conner PIT at JAX 16.1 
9Aaron Jones GB at IND 16.0 
10Joe Mixon CIN at WAS 15.9 
11Mike Davis CAR vs. DET 15.8 
12Chris Carson SEA vs. ARI 14.9 
13Kareem Hunt CLE vs. PHI 14.8 
14Antonio Gibson WAS vs. CIN 14.8 
15Ezekiel Elliott DAL at MIN 14.7 
16James Robinson JAX vs. PIT 14.6 
17Todd Gurley II ATL at NO 13.9 
18Ronald Jones II TB vs. LAR 13.3 
19Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC at LVR 13.2 
20Duke Johnson HOU vs. NE 13.0 

Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara has been really the one high drafted player this season that has not disappointed you. Kamara has stayed healthy and continued to produce at the highest levels even in difficult matchups. I’m sure that if we were to re-draft Kamara would be the first pick in the draft. Kamara had another great game in week 10 when he rushed for 15 yards 2 TDs and had 7 receptions for 83 yards and 1 TD. Kamara is much like Kyler Murray in that he is nearly two position players in one. He is both an RB and a full WR each and every week. Kamra will lineup against the Atlanta Falcons in week 11 who are allowing the 6th least points to opposing RBs. Kamara will not have Brees in week 11 which means they could rely on Kamara even more if thats possible. Kamra should continue to produce as a top 5 RB regardless of matchup. Fantasy Projection: 69 yards 0.6 TDs rushing 6 receptions 48 yards 0.2 TDs receiving

Nick Chubb

Nick Chubb was back from injury in week 10 and produced IMMEDIATLEY for fantasy managers. Chubb rushed for 126 yards and 1 TD against the Houston Texans in week 10. This performance just continued to prove that we can rely on both Chubb and fellow RB Kareem Hunt each and every week even when both are healthy. Chubb will have a much more difficult matchup in week 11 when he takes on the Eagles who are allowing the 5th least points to opposing RBs. I think that Chubb will continue to be a top options regardless of matchup, but he will see a decrease in production in week 11 due to this matchup. Fantasy Projection: 100 yards 0.6 TDs rushing 2 receptions 18 yards receiving

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Wide Receivers

RankNameProjected Points
1DeAndre Hopkins ARI at SEA17.8
2Davante Adams GB at IND16.8
3Tyreek Hill KC at LVR15.8
4Julio Jones ATL at NO15.7
5Keenan Allen LAC vs. NYJ15.2
6DK Metcalf SEA vs. ARI15.2
7Adam Thielen MIN vs. DAL15.1
8Tyler Lockett SEA vs. ARI15.0
9Michael Thomas NO vs. ATL15.0
10Calvin Ridley ATL at NO14.9
11Terry McLaurin WAS vs. CIN14.8
12A.J. Brown TEN at BAL14.2
13Diontae Johnson PIT at JAX14.0
14Chase Claypool PIT at JAX13.6
15JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT at JAX13.6
16Cooper Kupp LAR at TB13.6
17Robert Woods LAR at TB13.5
18Tyler Boyd CIN at WAS13.5
19Will Fuller V HOU vs. NE13.5
20Tee Higgins CIN at WAS13.4
21Justin Jefferson MIN vs. DAL13.3
22DJ Moore CAR vs. DET13.2
23Robby Anderson CAR vs. DET13.1
24Chris Godwin TB vs. LAR13.1
25Amari Cooper DAL at MIN12.8

DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins made the biggsest play of the year in week 10 when with only seconds left he caught a hail mary pass in the end zone while covered by 3 members of the Bills secondary. The star receiver not only won the game for his team in unbelievable style, but he had a great game for fantasy managers posting 7 receptions for 127 yards and 1 TD. Hopkins continues to prove that he is the best receiver in the league. Hopkins will face the Seahwaks in week 11 who are allowing the most fantasy points to opposing WRs. If you though week 10 was a big fantasy day, just wait for week 11 vs. the best opponent Hopkins could ask for. Fantasy Projection: 9 receptions 98 yards 0.6 TDs

D.K. Metcalf

D.K. Metcalf was finally stopped in week 10 when he took on Jalen Ramsey and the LA Rams. Metcalf only put up 2 receptions for 28 yards this week in one of the toughest matchups in the NFL especially for opposing number 1 receivers. Metcalf will bounce back against the Cardinals in week 11 even if he is covered by Patrick Peterson. The Cardinals are allowing the 7th most points to opposing WRs which should lead to Metcalf coming back to his WR1 form. Look for a strong performance from him in week 11. Fantasy Projection: 5 receptions 91 yards 0.6 TDs

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Tight Ends

RankNameProjected Points
1Travis Kelce KC at LVR15.5
2Darren Waller LVR vs. KC12.6
3Mark Andrews BAL vs. TEN12.0
4T.J. Hockenson DET at CAR11.7
5Noah Fant DEN vs. MIA11.5
6Rob Gronkowski TB vs. LAR11.4
7Hunter Henry LAC vs. NYJ11.3
8Dallas Goedert PHI at CLE11.1
9Eric Ebron PIT at JAX10.4
10Hayden Hurst ATL at NO9.5
11Austin Hooper CLE vs. PHI9.4
12Jonnu Smith TEN at BAL9.4

Darren Waller

Darren Waller had a difficult game in week 10 when he faced the Denver Broncos and only put up 3 recpetions for 37 yards. Waller is an every week starter at the TE position and you would be hard pressed to find a better TE to start for your team. In week 11 Waller will face the Kansas City Chiefs who are allowing the 6th least points to opposing TEs. Regarless of this difficult matchup you are definitely starting Waller … there really are not many better options especially one as talented as him. Fantasy Projection: 7 receptions 80 yards 0.2 TDs

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