Week 12 Fantasy Football Rankings 2020

Welcome to week 12 of the fantasy football season! You can utilize all of the positional rankings below as a start sit tool and find replacements for any of your injured star players. These week 12 fantasy football rankings were made using a .5 PPR scoring setting and will be sure to help you make the right decision. Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun and good luck!


RankNameProjected Points
1Russell Wilson SEA at PHI 22.8 
2Patrick Mahomes KC at TB 22.6 
3Josh Allen BUF vs. LAC 22.5 
4Justin Herbert LAC at BUF 22.4 
5Kyler Murray ARI at NE 22.1 
6Deshaun Watson HOU at DET 21.5 
7Aaron Rodgers GB vs. CHI 20.0 
8Lamar Jackson BAL at PIT 19.9 
9Tom Brady TB vs. KC 18.8 
10Derek Carr LVR at ATL 18.4 
11Cam Newton NE vs. ARI 18.2 
12Matt Ryan ATL vs. LVR 17.8 
13Ben Roethlisberger PIT vs. BAL 17.8 
14Taysom Hill NO at DEN 17.8 
15Carson Wentz PHI vs. SEA 17.6 
16Matthew Stafford DET vs. HOU 17.6 
17Kirk Cousins MIN vs. CAR 17.2 
18Jared Goff LAR vs. SF 16.3 
19Baker Mayfield CLE at JAX 16.3 
20Tua Tagovailoa MIA at NYJ 16.1 

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson had another incredible performance against the New England Patriots who are usually a team you don’t want to see your Fantasy QB facing, but this was not the same for Watson. Watson put up 344 yards and 2 TDs passing while adding 36 yards rushing and 1 TD. This was an extremely impressive game for Watson who has seemed to connect with all receivers and is playing with some renewed confidence. Watson will continue to roll against the Lions in week 12 who are a middle of the pack defense against opposing QBs, but are a much better matchup on paper than the Patritos who Watson dismantled this week. You should continue trusting Watson as a top 5-6 QB moving forward. Fantasy Projection: 272 yards 1.7 TDs passing 29 yards 0.4 TDs rushing

Taysom Hill

If you havent head yet… there was a QB by the name of Taysom Hill who made a start fr injured star QB Drew Brees in week 11, and he was pretty surprising. Many people figured that Hill would simply be a gadget QB and fellow QB Jameis Winston would do much of the actual passing this did not come true. Taysom Hill was the only QB in the game and actually did plenty of passing. Hill threw for 233 yards and rushed for 51 yards and 2 TDs. Yes, the rushing did save his performance, but you have to understand that is the main facet of Hill’s game that should persist as long as he is starting. Hill will face the Denver Broncos in week 12 who are a middling defense against the QB position and also against RBs. I think there are certain situations where you can consider starting Hill in week 12, but I won’t be expecting an exact repeat of week 11. Fantasy Projection: 202 yards 1 TD passing 61 yards 0.4 TDs rushing

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Running Backs

RankNameProjected Points
1Dalvin Cook MIN vs. CAR 21.4 
2Nick Chubb CLE at JAX 18.1 
3Alvin Kamara NO at DEN 18.1 
4Derrick Henry TEN at IND 16.7 
5Aaron Jones GB vs. CHI 16.5 
6Miles Sanders PHI vs. SEA 15.7 
7Josh Jacobs LVR at ATL 15.6 
8James Robinson JAX vs. CLE 15.4 
9Ezekiel Elliott DAL vs. WAS 15.4 
10Antonio Gibson WAS at DAL 15.1 
11Kareem Hunt CLE at JAX 15.0 
12Mike Davis CAR at MIN 14.7 
13James Conner PIT vs. BAL 14.7 
14Todd Gurley II ATL vs. LVR 14.2 
15Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC at TB 13.5 
16Ronald Jones II TB vs. KC 13.4 
17Salvon Ahmed MIA at NYJ 13.1 
18Wayne Gallman NYG at CIN 13.1 
19Kenyan Drake ARI at NE 13.1 
20Jonathan Taylor IND vs. TEN 11.9 

Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry had another great game in week 11 against a tough run defense in the Baltimore Ravens. Henry rushed for 133 yards and 1 TD while adding 1 reception for a loss of a yard. Henry is still extremely consistent and seems to get even better as the season continues. Henry will have his real test in week 12 when he faces the Colts who are the 3rd toughest run defense for a fantasy running back to face. Henry faced this same tough run D in week 10 where he still managed to pile up 103 yards rushing and 6 yards receiving on 1 reception. I don’t think that Henry will have a bad game because I think he has proven to be fairly matchup proof, but I would lower your expectations slightly. Fantasy Projection: 92 yards 0.9 TDs 1 receptions 13 yards 0.1 TDs receiving

Ezekiel Elliott

There may be some renewed hope for running back Zeke Elliott after some shifts on the offensive line and QB Andy Dalton back in the lineup. Elliott was trending in the wrong direction after star QB Dak Prescott went down due to injury, but he has seemed to turn the corner at least after week 11 where he had 103 yards rushing while adding 2 receptions for 11 yards and 1 TD. This was a performance that all Elliott’s fantasy owners needed to see and I hope continues into week 12 and beyond. In week 12, Elliott will take on the Washington Redkins on Thanksgiving Day who are the 4th worst matchup for opposing RBs. It was nice to see you can rely on Elliott in decent matchups, but I will still be wary of him until I see him perform again in a tough matchup like this upcoming week. Fantasy Projection: 72 yards 0.7 TDs rushing 3 receptions 22 yards 0.1 TDs

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Wide Receivers

RankNameProjected Points
1Davante Adams GB vs. CHI17.1
2DK Metcalf SEA at PHI16.3
3DeAndre Hopkins ARI at NE15.8
4Keenan Allen LAC at BUF15.7
5Stefon Diggs BUF vs. LAC15.7
6Tyreek Hill KC at TB15.5
7Tyler Lockett SEA at PHI15.5
8Terry McLaurin WAS at DAL15.4
9Calvin Ridley ATL vs. LVR15.2
10Adam Thielen MIN vs. CAR15.1
11Michael Thomas NO at DEN15.1
12Will Fuller V HOU at DET14.8
13A.J. Brown TEN at IND14.6
14Justin Jefferson MIN vs. CAR14.6
15Cooper Kupp LAR vs. SF14.5
16Diontae Johnson PIT vs. BAL14.1
17Robert Woods LAR vs. SF13.5
18Allen Robinson CHI at GB13.3
19DJ Moore CAR at MIN13.1
20Chris Godwin TB vs. KC13.0
21Brandin Cooks HOU at DET13.0
22Chase Claypool PIT vs. BAL12.9
23Mike Evans TB vs. KC12.7
24Robby Anderson CAR at MIN12.6
25D.J. Chark JAX vs. CLE12.6

Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen has been utterly impressive with his rookie QB Justin Herbert. If you didn’t know any better you would think that they had been team mates for the past 5 years. In week 11, Allen had 16 receptions for 145 yards and 1 TD… 16 receptions!! Thats and incredible stat line for any receiver and I expect to see the same things going forward as long as both Allen and Herbert are healthy. In week 12, Allen will line up against the Buffao Bills who are a tough matchup for opposing number 1 receivers. I expect Allen will have a slight down game from this week, but his volume is so high that you are starting him as a WR1 no matter what. Fantasy Projection: 8 receptions 88 yards 0.4 TDs

Diontae Johnson

Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson had another amazing performance in week 11 when he faced the Jacksonville Jagaurs. Johnson put up 12 receptions for 111 yards in an incredible game where he looked like one of Big Ben’s main, if not first, read. Johnson has absolultely been one of the surprises of the fantasy season as he has multiple WR1 performances and was not drafted as a top pick. I will slow te roll a bit on Johsnon in week 12 as he takes on the Baltimore Ravens who are 5th toughest defense for your WR to face. I’m still expecting in most situations you will continue to start Johnson, but I would temper your expectations form this performance he had agaisnt the Jags. Fantasy Projection: 7 receptions 76 yards 0.5 TDs

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Tight Ends

RankNameProjected Points
1Travis Kelce KC at TB13.9
2Darren Waller LVR at ATL12.4
3T.J. Hockenson DET vs. HOU12.3
4Mark Andrews BAL at PIT12.2
5Hunter Henry LAC at BUF12.1
6Dallas Goedert PHI vs. SEA11.5
7Rob Gronkowski TB vs. KC11.4
8Noah Fant DEN vs. NO11.2
9Evan Engram NYG at CIN10.8
10Austin Hooper CLE at JAX10.7
11Hayden Hurst ATL vs. LVR10.6
12Jonnu Smith TEN at IND10.3

Travis Kelce

I honestly am not sure if there is anything that can stop Travis Kelce from being the number 1 TE on the week besides maybe maybe a bye week. Kelce was again incredible in week 11 when he faced the Raiders and had 8 receptions for 127 yards and 1 TD. Kelce has only had 2 somewhat disappointing games this season and the rest have been almost double the points of the rest of the options at the TE position. Kelce was absolutely worth any high draft pick you spent on him and you should continuet to start him as the best TE in the league. Kelce will face the Buccaneers in week 12 who are in the middle of the pack against opposing TEs and Kelce should continue to feast. Fantasy Projection: 7 receptions 82 yards 0.4 TDs

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