Week 13 Fantasy Football Rankings 2019

Welcome to the week 13 fantasy football rankings! The following fantasy rankings have taken into account all of the most recent injuries and week 12 performances in the NFL. These rankings are all based on 4pt passing and .5 PPR settings and are all backed by intense data modeling to give you the best chance at winning. Use the fantasy football rankings below as your guide for stat sit decisions and good luck in week 13!

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  1. Patrick Mahomes KC vs. OAK
  2. Lamar Jackson BAL vs. SF
  3. Russell Wilson SEA vs. MIN
  4. Drew Brees NO at ATL
  5. Aaron Rodgers GB at NYG
  6. Matt Ryan ATL vs. NO
  7. Jameis Winston TB at JAX
  8. Kyler Murray ARI vs. LAR
  9. Kirk Cousins MIN at SEA
  10. Dak Prescott DAL vs. BUF
  11. Sam Darnold NYJ at CIN
  12. Tom Brady NE at HOU
  13. Deshaun Watson HOU vs. NE
  14. Josh Allen BUF at DAL
  15. Jared Goff LAR at ARI
  16. Carson Wentz PHI at MIA
  17. Nick Foles JAX vs. TB
  18. Jacoby Brissett IND vs. TEN
  19. Jimmy Garoppolo SF at BAL
  20. Ryan Tannehill TEN at IND

What a tough week for anyone who chose to start or had to start Dak Prescott against the number 1 defense in the league, the New England Patriots. Dak threw for 212 yards no TDs and 1 interception. This was not only a horrible matchup for Dak but it was freezing in New England with pouring rain. Dak had a bad game here, but I’m going to continue to start him in tough matchups especially if the weather cooperates. Dak has another tough matchup against the Bills this week who are the 3rd worst matchup for opposing QBs. Dak is ranked much lower than normal this week and it is directly related to the defense he will be facing. Fantasy Football Projection: 266 yards 1.5 TDs 20 yards 0.2 TDs rushing

Sam Darnold has continued to impress in positive matchups the last few weeks! In week 12 Darnold faced the Oakland Raiders and threw for 315 yards 2 TDs and another rushing TD. It seems as if Darnold has turned the corner in the later half of this season and will continue to be a viable fill in QB as long as the matchup is good. In week 13 Darnold will take on an even easier matchup in the Bengals who are currently ranked as the 4th best matchup for opposing QBs 2 spots higher than Oakland who Darnold just tore apart at 6th. This is an extremely plus matchup for Darnold and I think he will continue to impress and should be considered over more talented QBs with worse matchups. Fantasy Football Projection: 290 yards 1.7 TDs 10 yards 0.1 TDs rushing

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Running Back
  1. Christian McCaffrey CAR vs. WAS
  2. Dalvin Cook MIN at SEA
  3. Alvin Kamara NO at ATL
  4. Ezekiel Elliott DAL vs. BUF
  5. Josh Jacobs OAK at KC
  6. Derrick Henry TEN at IND
  7. Le’Veon Bell NYJ at CIN
  8. Aaron Jones GB at NYG
  9. Saquon Barkley NYG vs. GB
  10. Leonard Fournette JAX vs. TB
  11. Melvin Gordon LAC at DEN
  12. Nick Chubb CLE at PIT
  13. Mark Ingram BAL vs. SF
  14. Todd Gurley LAR at ARI
  15. Phillip Lindsay DEN vs. LAC
  16. Devin Singletary BUF at DAL
  17. Chris Carson SEA vs. MIN
  18. Joe Mixon CIN vs. NYJ
  19. Austin Ekeler LAC at DEN
  20. Jonathan Williams IND vs. TEN

Nick Chubb continues to produce week in and week out even with Kareem Hunt taking touches in the backfield. Chubb has actually seem the same if not more touches since Hunt returned from suspension. Chubb faced the Dolphins in week 12 and put up 106 yards and 1 TD rushing as well as 3 receptions for 58 yards making him one of the top RBs on the week. Chubb will go from the 8th best matchup for RBs to the 9th worst matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 13. Chubb had just faced Pittsburgh in week 11 when he rushed for 92 yards on 27 touches. His last game against the steelers was not very efficient or productive, but if he had been able to get into the end zone in that game we may be singing a different tune. Chubb is still an RB1 this week, just dont expect the same output as against the Dolphins. Fantasy Football Projection: 80 yards 0.6 TD rushing 3 receptions 28 yards 0.1 TD

Leonard Fournette blew up in week 12 against the Tennessee Titans for 97 yards and 2 TDs rushing along with 9 receptions for another 62 yards. Fournette has been very good this year and even though he had a few somewhat down weeks the past 2 weeks he still gets so much volume that he should never really lose you your matchup. It’s also an extremely welcome sight to see Fournette getting so much of the passing game work even after the return of Nick Foles at QB. Fournette faces the 3rd most difficult matchup for fantasy RBs in week 13 agaisnt the Buccaneers. I do think Fournette will struggle more than he did in week 12, but if he continues to see 30+ touches with 5+ being in the passing game he will continue to be a top RB option. Fantasy Football Projection: 66 yards 0.4 TD 5 receptions 47 yards 0.1 TD

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Wide Receivers
  1. Tyreek Hill KC vs. OAK
  2. Michael Thomas NO at ATL
  3. Julio Jones ATL vs. NO
  4. Davante Adams GB at NYG
  5. Mike Evans TB at JAX
  6. Chris Godwin TB at JAX
  7. D.J. Chark JAX vs. TB
  8. Julian Edelman NE at HOU
  9. Tyler Lockett SEA vs. MIN
  10. Cooper Kupp LAR at ARI
  11. D.J. Moore CAR vs. WAS
  12. Allen Robinson CHI at DET
  13. DeAndre Hopkins HOU vs. NE
  14. Calvin Ridley ATL vs. NO
  15. T.Y. Hilton IND vs. TEN
  16. Adam Thielen MIN at SEA
  17. Amari Cooper DAL vs. BUF
  18. Stefon Diggs MIN at SEA
  19. DeVante Parker MIA vs. PHI
  20. Jarvis Landry CLE at PIT
  21. Odell Beckham CLE at PIT
  22. Keenan Allen LAC at DEN
  23. John Brown BUF at DAL
  24. Mohamed Sanu NE at HOU
  25. Michael Gallup DAL vs. BUF

Tyler Lockett had an extremely disappointing day in week 12 when he had 1 catch for 38 yards and that’s it! Lockett was facing the Philadelphia Eagles who, on the season, are the 8th best matchup for opposing WRs, but in recent weeks have actually looked much better. Lockett was working back from injury this week and the whole team just looked to be out of synch. I expect better things from Lockett in the future as long as he heals and the offense doesn’t continue to struggle. Next week Lockett will face the Vikings who normally seem like a tough defense, but on the year they are actually the 5th BEST matchup for opposing WRs. I will conitnue to feature Lockett as a WR1-WR2 each week until we see more disapponting performances. Fantasy Football Projection: 7 receptions 77 yards 0.5 TDs

What a game by DJ Moore! Moore torched the Saints who were missing star secondary member Lattimore for 6 receptions 126 yards and 2 TDs. Moore has been very good the entire season and has over 90 yards in the last 4 games. The only thing that had been lacking were his TD numbers. That completely reversed itself in week 12 when Moore had 2 TDs! Moore will go from facing one middle of the road defense against receivers to another in the Washington Redskins in week 13. Moore is seeing a significant share of targets and appears to be in synch with QB Kyle Allen… the Redskins denfense does not scare me at all. Expect Moore to have another borderline WR1 week in week 13. Fantasy Football Projection: 6 receptions 74 yards 0.5 TDs

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  1. Travis Kelce KC vs. OAK
  2. Zach Ertz PHI at MIA
  3. George Kittle SF at BAL
  4. Darren Waller OAK at KC
  5. Hunter Henry LAC at DEN
  6. Jared Cook NO at ATL
  7. Mark Andrews BAL vs. SF
  8. Greg Olsen CAR vs. WAS
  9. Kyle Rudolph MIN at SEA
  10. Ryan Griffin NYJ at CIN
  11. Gerald Everett LAR at ARI
  12. Jacob Hollister SEA vs. MIN

Welcome back George Kittle! Kittle came bak in week 12 from a 2 week abcense due to a broken ankle and knee injury and boy did he make his prescence known. Kittle torched the Packers for 6 receptions 129 yards and 1 TD. This was an extremely impressive performance from the athletic TE who continues to be a top option at the position even if injured. Kittle will face the Ravens in week 13 who are the 6th worst matchup for opposing TEs, but Kittle will remain a WR 1 in the FantasyProjection Rankings! Fantasy Football Projection: 7 receptions 86 yards 0.4 TDs

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